The Mariager Museum has been around for more than 100 years. Since a group of citizens, mainly craftsmen, in October 1922 founded the Mariager Museum Association, objects have been collected from Mariager and the area south of Mariager Fjord.

The collection extends from the Hunter Stone Age with, among other things, a horn from a aurochs from 7,000 BC - over the exhibition on Mariager Monastery (c. 1430-1586), which became an important prerequisite for the town of Mariager - up to the Blue Kitchen and the fine living room from Buggesgård, as it looked in the 1930s-40s.

Many volunteers have over time put a lot of energy in creating this physical collection, which in itself carries tales of the lived life here in the area.

The Mariager Museum is in many ways a museum of how museums once were! Here are many things and you are allowed to touch many of them. Look in and get a sense of how the area has evolved. There will certainly also be something that you will find interesting, fun, exciting, thoughtful.